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      Hubei Yingxing Adhesive Limited Liability Company

      Chinese adhesive and adhesive
      tape industry association member unit


      Hubei Yingxing Adhesive Limited Liability Company is a professional company specialized in research and development of adhesive agents. It is member unit of China Adhesive Agent and Adhesive Tape Association. Since established in 1990, the company has built scientific and strict management system in fields of information, scientific research, environmental protection, measurement and quality testing. The company cooperates with colleges and universities with the purpose to promote product quality and develop new products. Environmental friendly waterborne YX-118 adhesive has been used for conveyor belt joint for the first time and in large industrial or mining companies. TMJ-92 geomembrane adhesive has been applied in antiseep project of Three Gorges Project. The product has been highly praised by all users and construction units. “Yingxing” series adhesive and sealant are used in mining companies, construction aspect, furniture and water conservancy project field. The company will make efforts to improve product quality, complete after-sales, develop new products and strive for advanced technology.


      Main products

      YX-118 waterborne environmental friendly conveyor belt adhesive, WNJ-910 all-purpose adhesive, DNJ-906 conveyer belt joint adhesive, PVJ-950 PVC plastic adhesive

      XBJ-978 rubber healant, XSJ-411 vacuum blister adhesive, GTJ-940 cylinder rubber, YX-209 integrated jointed board adhesive, MFJ-930 sealant



      Hubei Yingxing Adhesive Limited Liability Company


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